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Janet Noh is an international award-winning classical pianist and pop-R&B singer, songwriter, producer, musical theater writer, and philanthropist.

Initially pursuing a conservatory path, Janet was admitted to Juilliard, but took a U-turn by starting her post-college career as a Wall Street investment banker after graduating from Yale. She came back to music after being awarded a composing scholarship to NYU-Tisch and upon graduating with a Master of Fine Arts, made her acting debut in a principal role on Broadway. This diverse background in music and business ultimately led her to explore her passion for music in a new light, diving into the world of pop music.

Janet’s approach combines eclectic musical influences, which incorporates the timelessness of classical music, the drama inherent in musical theater storytelling, and the modern soundscape of pop songwriting & production – all while staying true to her core belief, “Music is the universal language of the heart.”

Her critically-acclaimed single ‘Oh Child’ was released on April 30th 2024

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